by Dartagnan

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released January 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Dartagnan Baltimore, Maryland

Mike and Will Hartlove.
Baltimore, MD.
New EP, "Greed" about to drop!


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Track Name: Go To Bed Miss Murphy
Begging for answers to questions these old lives won’t let go. Thinking my way out of knowing so which should I follow? Pasts prove painful, so what’s left to argue? Can’t catch my breath to save my life! We like to argue… Flip through the pages and realize we lied to ourselves. If money meant nothing to us then, why does it mean anything right now? Wish I could keep my head above the current, but every time I break surface my lungs collapse.
Track Name: My Friend Steve
Steve takes the 10 bus from Broadway to Eutaw to get well, but the junkies and fiends on the streets in the ghetto don’t give a fuck about God. And later at night he’s feeling alone, and he’s missing his wife, his kids, and his home. He hopes that it’s over but it’s just begun…. Closing his eyes he hides from the sun. Now what?
Track Name: Get The Fuck Out Of Dodge
Dusting corners and breaking boxes down in your mind this feels like home. How strange it is to feel alright again. You left your nicknames by the road (and still that’s you in the corner of the room, singing lies and broken tunes while truth is whispered in your ears: “Just get me fucking out,” you scream alone into the phone, “turn me around! I know how this one ends”).
Track Name: Way She Goes, Boys
I’m so romantic bout the past I need to break my hands and let go. It’s something ‘bout the fall and fucking up that cuts too deep and tears me up inside, why do I feel this now? It’s been some time. The clocks are falling off the walls, and smashing to pieces on the basement floor.
Back the car out the driveway slowly; just before the sun has risen we'll have crossed the Susquehanna. Tonight I’ll meet some old friends at the only diner there is for miles and we’re not in a hurry for once. Don’t speak I need to think, lock the doors please when you leave. I gotta drive somewhere you know I’m sinking slowly. Like the night you threw me to the dogs, I’ll find my own way home (as the radio sings sad songs to me softly, let the cold air heal these worn out bones).
Track Name: Uncle Dick vs. Gucci Mane
I expect to be dead broke, expect to be dead before the change in seasons, give me reasons to find more. And as you walk away, I just can’t find (the words to say). Choke! Here’s to the cold nights and getting high, and the long way back. Let’s watch the sunset on the tracks one more time! Give me luck, a couch to lay by, and a spot to park the van, and give me real reasons to fucking slow down time…
Track Name: Camden
Stay away from the powders on the kitchen counters. You’ll end up like the kid that kept two kittens on the 5th floor. Now he’s under, please don’t fall under. Give dad a chance to drag mom to someplace warmer. Have healthy reasons to wake up in the morning. Swim with sharks, you’re bound to get torn down. In silence, you can almost hear her screaming from 120 miles away, "Get the fuck out of Camden. You’re dying… Life’s much more than failed attempts at flying.” Lit me on fire.